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As well as mezzanine floors, we offer a wide range of shelving systems to cater for most loads and applications. We have suitable types of shelving to cover all business requirements, such as industrial shelving.

Sample shelving

From lighter duty delta edge shelving to longspan shelving capable of handling 850Kg per level.

Sample shelving and Mobile shelving

Where space is a premium we can mount the shelving on mobile bases.

If you require any information on our services, such as pallet racking then please contact us using our online form.

Types of Shelving System

Delta edge shelving

Lighter duty, decorative finish suitable for office or storeroom applications.

Chrome wire shelving

Very decorative, medium duty, easy to assemble and low cost. More suitable for the showroom or retail outlet.

Rivet grip shelving

Medium duty, easy to assemble, low cost . More suitable for the stockroom or workshop.

Longspan shelving

Similar to a smaller version of pallet racking. Robust and heavy duty, suitable for stockroom, archive and warehouse applications. Can be built up to 8m high.

Cantilever shelving

Similar to cantilever racking and used for long or awkward loads.

Carton live storage

High density storage system, most useful for order picking high volumes of small/medium items. Works on a First In - First out (FIFO) principle. Principle and is ideal for product that requires stock rotation.

Mobile shelving

A high density version of office or archive shelving where shelving is mounted on moveable chassis frames to allow aisles to be opened or closed. Best used where space is very costly or where stock is infrequently accessed.


A full range of shelving accessories is available including dividers, back or side sheets, ticket strip, signs and labels.